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I know that I am very late to the party on this, but I realised last year that I love podcasts! I had watched Sheryl Sandberg’s Ted Talk of course, which should be mandatory viewing for everyone on the planet (in my opinion), but I hadn’t grasped the breadth of the inspirational material available. For free. On the phone that is almost permanently glued to my hand.

I’m quite fortunate in that I can walk to work – virtually unknown in London – and it turns out that the 25minutes it takes is just about enough for me to search, choose & play a podcast. This transforms my daily commute into a private audience with [insert name of awesome individual], and true to my desire to ‘being what you can see’, or in this case, hear, I often choose a female presenter. It reassures and inspires me to hear confident, accomplished women speaking with voices of experience, but in what feels like a friendly and approachable manner. Deserving of respect without needing to demand it.

I’m sorry to say I had never heard Dame Stephanie Shirley before I came across her Ted Talk – Why do ambitious women have flat heads?. She is an impressive woman with an amazing story – a child refugee from Nazi Germany, she adopted England as her new home and decided to make hers a “life worth saving”. And she did. Without spoiling the story too much, just know that she became the founder of a female-run software company in 1962 – championing flexible home-based working long before flexi-time was a concept!

Through my morning walk with Ted, I have “met” many impressive individuals, from Nancy Lublin, CEO and Founder of the Crisis Text Line to Celeste Headlee, radio presenter and reporter who shares her recommended 10 ways to have a better conversation. Of course it’s not just Ted Talks, there are a multitude of different podcasts out there from Lena Dunham’s Women of the Hour to Stylist Magazine’s recordings from Stylist Live, and there are even podcasts out there that haven’t been created by women, or so I hear! Do you listen to podcasts? What would you recommend?

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