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Knowing vs. Doing

There is a significant difference between knowing the right thing to do, and actually having the courage or awareness to do that thing.

I’ve been in conflict lately – mainly with myself. And even though I am fully aware I am creating negative situations around me (or at least not choosing to take a positive approach to negative circumstances imposed upon me) that doesn’t seem to make it any easier to do ‘the right thing’.

I meditate every morning. I do yoga. I write in a journal. I go to inspiring events and meet awesome women. I actively seek to make the world a slightly better place whenever I can. I’m not a saint, but I’d like to think I’m a good person. I like to think I am self-aware and considerate of others’ feelings.

And yet, I still find myself in turmoil. When things don’t go to plan. When arrangements I’ve made fail to come to fruition, or even when things just take a little longer than I’d hoped; I find myself in conflict. I know this is self-inflicted. I know that the best thing to do is to ‘let go’, to ‘go with the flow’, and not to try to control everyone and everything.

But knowing this is so very different from doing this.

They say awareness is the first step. How many steps are there??

2 thoughts on “Knowing vs. Doing”

  1. Perhaps going with the flow means embracing the conflict and turmoil as an essential part of who we are and trying to be as interested and curious about these feelings ?

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    1. That makes sense to me! I’ve been trying to do some of that lately – see obstacles as challenges instead of brick walls. It’s difficult but I’ve learned a lot already in a short time.


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