Life Lessons

Changing the Rules

I have been to so many events over the last few months that I became daunted by the task of writing an individual summary of each one. So I procrastinated. And avoided writing about them. Which created a mild blocker in my writing because I would feel the guilt for not sharing these experiences.

I have recently been practicing the “done is better than perfect” mantra, and have even tried expanding it to mean “doing things in some way is better than not doing them at all”! This has given me the freedom to look at challenges from a new perspective, to feel my resistance and sense my time-wasting avoidance of the task, and instead of just battling through it, I try to find another way to get it done. Sometimes it means making things easier – cutting out steps that I previously thought were essential, when they can’t be if they’re the reason the job hasn’t been done yet! 

It is an incredibly freeing sensation to allow ourselves to look at the rules we enforce, and ask “who made these rules?” And “is there another way?”

Of course I have learned this from attending one of the many events recently, but hadn’t shared this wisdom because I was waiting for the right time to write a fully detailed assessment of the event. Which hasn’t happened.

So I’m changing the rules. I will now attempt to share as much wisdom as I can from recent events, and in future, I will try to tweet during/immediately afterwards. I will also make more of an effort to let you know I will be at these events so that you can hopefully join me there! And, if I can, I will summarise what I have learned and share it with you – even if it is only a few lines!

I feel as if we spend so much of our lives trying to figure out logical ways and means to see the world, rather than trusting our intuition and letting it guide us. If something regularly feels difficult, or a source of stress, let’s give ourselves the permission to look at it from a different perspective and find a way to make it work for us. Even if that means turning things upside down in the process.

What rules do you have in your life? Do they help make your life easier?  Or do some of them actually make things more difficult for you?

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