Escape: Rest & Recovery

I’ve just passed the halfway mark of the 3 month Escape Tribe process, and I’m exhausted. Physically, mentally, emotionally drained. Fortunately, we were given some time off from Escape this week, so week 7 is more about recovery than study. We still have our homework though – our Challenge of the Week is to create a Video CV of ourselves! Talk about finding the edge of our comfort zones! And we still have our challenge from the previous week – to interview someone we admire.

Due to a combination of fate, good fortune, and calendars aligning, I was able to use my Tuesday night off Escape to interview my friend Vix Anderton, of Another 30 Something! I had been hoping to interview Vix for ToGetHer Further for a while now, and she is certainly someone I admire, so it all fell nicely into place.

That said, I have to admit I was really nervous at the prospect of interviewing Vix. Not only because it was my first time interviewing someone face to face, but also because she is just a ridiculously accomplished and successful young woman! But I know that is more to do with my own insecurities than anything about her, and I said as much to her before we began.

Looking back, I really enjoyed the session – getting to ask her questions, hear her responses, and learn even more about her achievements than I knew before! I felt like I got to know my friend a little better, and challenge myself in the process. I will share her stories in due course, but not today, there’s still more work ahead in listening back over the recording and compiling her responses!

You may have noticed by now that I hadn’t really done too well at the rest & recovery I had been aiming to do this week? It’s in my nature to challenge myself, even when I think I’m getting better at being kinder, I reflect and realise I’ve fallen into bad habits again. It’s an endless struggle to learn to let go.

I found myself finally relaxing at my weekly therapy session with Gail, after proudly sharing my recent breakthroughs at Escape, and excitedly expressing my enthusiasm for working on ToGetHer Further once I’ve finished work in June. It was only then that I realised the enormity of what had happened at the weekend.

We had been asked to bring in a photo of ourselves as children, and like the good student I am, I brought one of the few that I have here in England. It turned out to be one taken with my Dad, possibly the last one taken with him before he died. I had already spoken openly, and in a vulnerable way, with the group, so I already felt raw before we even began this exercise. And looking back now I can see that writing a letter to my 7 year old self in that state was too much. But of course, I powered through.

So no wonder I’m drained now. I’ve depleted all my physical and emotional resources. And am now working on recharging them. Whether it’s walks around the lake near my house, which I do love so much! Or spending time with good friends, even if I am interviewing them in the process! And I am of course making sure to practice my daily Headspace, and also reintroducing my daily commitment to practice yoga.

How often do you push beyond your limits to a point where you have nothing left to give? How do you maintain your energy or recharge it when levels get too low? Please share suggestions in the comments below.


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