From Dreams to Reality

On Thursday 26th October, we held the first meet up for ToGetHer Further members at Blooms, the first Business Club for female founders in London! It was the perfect space for us to meet in person – welcoming, comfortable, inspiring & inviting! 

The beautiful space that is Blooms London!

The evening began with an icebreaker to get everyone moving and interacting, but quickly progressed to pairing up to meet new people, and from there the evening went from strength to strength as everyone relaxed and got to know each other quickly!

It was wonderful to see so many amazing women interacting in such a positive way, coming together across different disciplines, backgrounds and interests, to share their passions and support each other with whatever challenges they were going through.

Our members working together & supporting each other!

It was especially reassuring, and inspiring, that we had some brand new members join us for this meet up, and despite not having been privy to some of the wonderful interactions that we have in the Facebook group, they could quickly see and get on board with the ToGetHer Further ethos of women supporting women!

Prior to the event I had been nervous about making sure that all our attendees got what they needed from the night – I had been worried about making sure that everyone got value for money, and that they understood what I was imagining for ToGetHer Further. Well the event did more than meet my own expectations, it showed me that my vision can indeed come to life – that dreams can become reality.

Supporting & socialising!

I cannot wait for the next one, and this time although I’m sure the nerves will still come again, I know that I have seen how amazing it can be – I’ve seen the magic that happens when women connect in a genuine way to support each other, and I can’t wait for another hit! Hope you can join us at our next event on the 23rd November – find out more on our Get Involved page.




3 thoughts on “From Dreams to Reality”

  1. Is there anything similar going on in Glasgow that you might be aware of? Or even similar organisations in Glasgow with a similar goal?


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    1. Not that I know of, but I am aware of a group called Somebody Inside in Edinburgh where they encourage women to connect with and speak their truth, not sure if they connect in person or online though. You’re welcome to connect with us via Facebook if you’re not already a member of our group – Not quite the same as meeting in person but it’s a pretty wonderful supportive place all the same! ☺️


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