About Us

ToGetHer Further is for women everywhere to connect and support each other with whatever challenges we face at work (and life!). We share stories of inspiring women, and how they have managed to succeed against whatever odds they have been dealt.We share personal perspectives and experiences, putting our heads above the parapet to say that we are struggling, but we are doing our best. We believe that pretending that we are perfect and have everything under control actually doesn’t benefit anyone, and that we need to work together if we are going to get any further.

These are our four core beliefs – if they resonate with you too, then you just might be ready to join us…

The 4 Core Beliefs of ToGetHer Further:

  • We believe it’s ok to ask for help!
    • That it’s not a sign of weakness, but actually one of bravery!
  • We believe it’s ok to not be perfect!
    • That far too many women put themselves under unnecessary pressure to be all things to all people, which is simply not sustainable – something, eventually, has to give!
  • We believe it’s ok to share!
    • About whatever is bothering us, whether it’s work-related or otherwise, needing practical help, a shoulder to cry on, or somewhere to vent – we believe it’s healthy to let all of this go!
  • We believe that magic happens when women help other women!
    • Whether it’s providing empathy, or making a connection and offering to meet up or discuss further, or sharing our network and resources, all of this sends such a powerful message, not only to those involved but also everyone else around!

We invite you to join us – either get involved in the conversation by commenting on articles, or by joining the Facebook group, or spread the word to all the women out there who  you think could benefit from helping, or being helped, by other professional women.

Welcome to ToGetHer Further!

Siobhan Kangataran

Founder of ToGetHer Further


8 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi Siobhan, I spoke to you briefly at the Stylist event on Thursday after the Freddie Harrel talk. I was so impressed by what you said I wanted to look at your blog – I’m not techie in the slightest and not on Facebook or Twitter but think I can follow a blog now. Your journey from where you started is really interesting and I bet it’s exciting working where you are, now, as that is an amazing building. I work in a fairly male-dominated industry – financial services – and whilst I get equal pay – possibly unusual even these days – the men I work with are Neanderthals in their attitudes, even the supposedly “enlightened” ones. They think adding “only joking” at the end of an incredibly sexist comment diffuses it entirely! Your blog is helping redress the balance, keep up the good work. Carolyn

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  2. Hi Carolyn! It was so lovely to meet you – thank you so much for coming to check out the blog, and for commenting! I’m glad that my site is helping, even in some small way. I really do believe that if all were to make little differences then collectively we can really change the future for the women after us. Welcome to the To Get Her Further community! 🙂 Siobhan


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