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5 Ways to beat the January Blues at work

Continuing our series of guest blog posts, this week Vix Anderton shares her 5 ways to beat the January blues at work - perfectly timed for you to prepare for Blue Monday! Ugh, January!  The twinkly lights, indulgence, and time off over the festive period are all over and the dark winter months ahead seem… Continue reading 5 Ways to beat the January Blues at work

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Why 2018 is all about You!

Continuing our series of guest blog posts, Collette Phillip, founder of Brand By Me, opens up 2018 with her piece on why this year is all about you and your personal brand!  "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." Dr. Seuss I love… Continue reading Why 2018 is all about You!

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Surviving the Christmas Party Scene

This week's guest blog post comes courtesy of Katie Shore, a very passionate and involved member of the ToGetHer Further Support Network. Katie is a Nutritional Therapist in training who is passionate about all things food and wellbeing, especially leading a low sugar lifestyle, making nutrition accessible to everyone and showing people how delicious healthy food can actually be.  Hi everyone, Today… Continue reading Surviving the Christmas Party Scene

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Why Is It So Hard For Us To Ask For Help?

Today's guest post comes courtesy of the one and only Steph Slack, an inspiring woman who is passionate about mental health, emotional wellbeing, and embraces the power of authenticity and vulnerability. Her piece resonated with me strongly, and is so directly linked to the core beliefs of ToGetHer Further that I had to share it with… Continue reading Why Is It So Hard For Us To Ask For Help?

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Dining Out & Leaning In!

In the first of what we're hoping will be a series of guest posts by the members of ToGetHer Further, Susan Sheehan, founder of Back Yourself Mentoring and an involved member of our ToGetHer Further community, shares her recent experience at a Lean In Supper Circle in London. Enjoy! On Thursday 16th November, I attended… Continue reading Dining Out & Leaning In!


Putting Your Own Lifejacket On First

People are often afraid to take care of themselves because they are worried they will be seen as selfish, or because they are proud of how tough they are and think they can simply power through adversity, but we are all human, and we all need to take care of ourselves, in whatever way works… Continue reading Putting Your Own Lifejacket On First