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Esther Zimmer – Remember Who You Are

The theme for this year's International Women's Day is #BeBoldforChange. Being bold doesn't necessarily mean being loud, in fact it can often mean listening to that voice within, and trusting it to guide you on the right path. It felt fitting then that Esther wrote this piece for ToGetHer Further this week - sharing her path in… Continue reading Esther Zimmer – Remember Who You Are

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Guest Post: MoneyGirl

I met Emma Flaherty, aka MoneyGirl, at a Blooming Founders event held in London recently. I was impressed by her enthusiasm for educating and supporting women with their financial futures - and even more impressed when I read some of her work, particularly as she is only 25! So I am delighted to share one… Continue reading Guest Post: MoneyGirl

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Guest Post: A Letter to Liz Gilbert

I love this post – and not just because I got a name drop! Vix has captured her experience of Big Magic so beautifully – and it perfectly mirrors my own! Enjoy! x

another thirty something

Dear Liz,

I hope you don’t mind me calling you Liz.  Having read Big Magic this week, it feels like I know you…or at least, that you know me.

I finished reading Big Magic yesterday.  I had heard of the book but, having heard it was about creative living, I thought “oh, that’s not for me.  I’m not a ‘creative’”.  But my friend Siobhan, who blogs at the inspiring ToGetHerFurther, spoke so highly about it – when I say that, I mean she gushed about it – and I have seen such a wonderful metamorphosis in her over the last months.  It made me curious!

And boy, am I glad I followed that curiosity.  Within the first few pages on the tube, I knew this book was going to throw everything I thought I knew about creativity on its head.  I couldn’t quite understand how you had reached into…

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