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Come join us on Monday 26th February to celebrate ToGetHer Further’s 2nd Birthday, and the launch of our founder, Siobhán Kangataran’s debut book, Finding My Way:

* Meet and connect with some really amazing women from the ToGetHer Further community who are all interested in helping other women get further on their journey.
* Hear Siobhán share a little of her journey from feeling trapped by Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism to somehow finding a way to quit her job to follow her passions through ToGetHer Further.
* Receive a copy of Siobhan’s eBook (which will retail from £5.99), which not only shares her personal experience, but also invites you to take a little journey of your own, and shares lots of resources you might find useful – from books to podcasts to Ted Talks and beyond.
* Spend an evening at the beautiful, inspiring, inviting space that is Blooms Business Club – if you’ve been, you know how magical it is, if you haven’t, now’s your chance.

Tickets are available now on Eventbrite, with all attendees receiving a complimentary PDF copy of the eBook. If you’d like a sneak peek, you can download a free sample here.Copy of Facebook Cover

Alternatively, if you can’t attend the launch, you can pre-order your copy on Kindle for £7.99, or you can pre-order a PDF copy below for only £5.99, to be released on Monday 26th February.

Finding My Way: Out of the darkness, into the light

In this personal eBook, Siobhán shares her journey of finding her way from the darkness of the fear and anxiety she experienced through perfectionism and impostor syndrome in the corporate world to the light she has found through ToGetHer Further and carving a more creative, entrepreneurial career path for herself. She’s still on her ongoing journey of personal growth and development, but she is sharing her story in the hopes it resonates with other women out there, and helps them to realise how much power and choice they truly have.